Believe God instead of doubt

If it stands in the way of God, it’s either a hindrance or an idol. A hindrance is something that keeps you bound from getting more of God ( simply put), an idol is something that replaces God and you in fact worship it. So now for the hard part, if you are concentrating on your situation and ways to fix your situation, then you’ve fallen for a snare of the devil and that said situation has become an idol in your life.

You might not believe me but the bible shows it be true. Paul wrote that coveteousness is idolatry, so if  are wanting finances to fix your problem, you’ve got your eyes and faith in the wrong spot. The fact is you probably need to repent.

Maybe you are asking why? The fact is simple, you may not agree but that’s okay, when we try and fix our problems ourselves and figure out ways to get what we need, not only are we sinning and putting that before God. But we are also making a total mess for ourselves. Plus, if it’s written that whatever is not of faith is sin, then by our unbelief we are living in sin. Then we wonder why things aren’t going well for us.

This is the fact of the matter in simple terms, we, if we are doing this need turn back around and do things God’s way. First casting the whole of our care on Him. Second, He promised to supply what we needed, when we need it, so we need to believe it, Period! Next, we need pray and seek God to find out of there is anything He would have us to do. The answer may be yes there is, if so be certain it’s God and do it. But if He don’t tell you to do nothing, just wait on Him and believe that it will be taken care of and rest in faith.


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My passion is to light a fire in the hearts of people around the world for Jesus.
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    Amen! Trust the LORD to provide for your every need.


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